Get rid of blemishes

Get Rid of Blemishes

We all want clear skin, but nature has a way of sabotaging us with frustrating imperfections, especially as we age and sun damage accumulates. Remove sunspots, rosacea, control acne and remove vascular lesions with a Photofacial.





What exactly is a Photofacial or Photo Rejuvenation?

Intense Pulsed Light treatments otherwise known as a Photofacial is a remarkable and gentle procedure that improves rosacea, flushing, vascular redness, broken capillaries, large pores, skin tone and texture, age spots, sun damage, and hyper pigmentation, as well as preventative and maintenance treatment for general signs of aging.

This treatment also improves mild acne scars, corrects dark circles around the eyes, and is especially effective for improving the appearance of the face, neck, chest, hands, and arms. IPL Photofacial is a non-ablative therapy, meaning it does not harm or remove the epidermal layer of skin, yet it focuses on deeper skin layers to promote new collagen production. This exciting new treatment involves little or no “down time”, meaning you could resume normal activities immediately.

How Does IPL Photo Rejuvenation Work?

The IPL Photofacial sends a broad spectrum of light to the lower layers of the epidermis causing the skin to produce new collagen and connective tissue – the tissue that supports the upper skin layer and makes the skin surface smoother. The light penetrates through the epidermis and is absorbed by the abnormally dilated vessels or pigmentation, and causes no damage to the skin (epidermis). The heat that is delivered through the epidermis by the laser causes damage to the vessel or lesion under the skin. Then the body begins its natural healing process. This process causes a visual lesion that will gradually darken before it flakes off or the body will absorb it naturally.

How often can you have an IPL Photo Rejuvenation Treatment?

This treatment could be given as frequently as every two to four weeks. For optimal results, a series of three to eight treatments are recommended. Follow-up treatments may be desired once every six months to a year to maintain results. This depends largely upon each individual’s lifestyle and their sun exposure.

What Does IPL Photofacial Treat?

  • Treatment Improves Sun Spots, Age Spots, Dull Complexions, Uneven Pigmentation, Large Pores, Sun Damaged Skin, And Early Signs of Aging.
  • Treatment Improves Red Flushing Skin, Rosacea, Broken Capillaries and Port Wine Stains.
  • Enjoy Smoother Skin with a More Even Tone.

What can you expect when you have an IPL Photofacial?

IPL Photofacial treatments usually take less than twenty minutes. Most patients will have a series of three to eight treatments; each treatment is about four weeks apart. IPL Photofacials have a VERY low level of discomfort. First, the treated area is cleansed and a cool gel is applied. When the pulse of light is delivered, the sensation is similar to the snap of a rubber band. After treatment, the gel is removed, the skin is cleansed, and a cool compress is applied.

What should you expect from IPL Photofacial Treatment?

Because IPL Photofacials are performed in a series, you will see more improvement after each treatment. Your skin will look and feel smother after each treatment. Over time your sunspots will fade, pore size will reduce, and fine lines and wrinkles will smooth out. Rosacea patients will see gradual yet progressive improvement with each appointment.

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