Latisse new 5mL bottles!

Allergan’s new 5 mL Latisse.

Allergan launched on August 1, 2012, a larger 5 mL bottle of Latisse in the USA. The original sized bottle is 3 mL.

Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) is a FDA approved drug to treat inadequate and aging eyelashes.

Approved in December 2008, over 3 million kits have been sold with approximately 500,000 users. It is estimated that 1 Latisse kit is sold every 30 seconds.

The new 5 mL Latisse comes with 140 brushes for 10 weeks of manufacturer suggested usage, as opposed to the 3 mL version which comes with 60 brushes for about 4 weeks of manufacturer suggested usage. At this point, there is a choice to purchase 5ml or 3ml bottles of Latisse. The suggested retail for physicians is $179 for a 5mL bottle versus $120 for a 3ml bottle. But, it’s not just the price and volume of Latisse that has changed. The brush to Latisse volume ratio has changed too. Patients now get more brushes per ml than before. There are 28 brushes per mL as opposed to 20 brushes per mL. “I think many patients will appreciate having more brushes – especially those who are using one brush per eye as recommended by Allergan,” says Katie Rueckl of Lakes Dermatology in Las Vegas.

The suggested weeks of usage to Latisse volume has changed. For a 5 mL bottle, the usage is suggested for 10 weeks. For a 3ml bottle, the usage is suggested for one month (roughly 4 weeks). With the increased size, there is 67% more volume in the new product.

Rueckl continues, “There are savings associated with a larger volume of Latisse.
The list price in our office for the 5 mL Latisse is $179 which represents $4.20 savings per mL over the previous 3 mL version’s list price. Plus, the patients get the added value of having more brushes. At this list price for the larger Latisse, it is the equivalent of buying the smaller Latisse at $107.40 considering only the volume of Latisse. Also, we feel better about selling this larger size, because it really does take about 12 weeks for most women to see the changes to their lashes.”

Patient Leslie S. of Nevada also states, “At first I thought I would see a small change, but as if by magic I had long lashes and when you add a little mascara….it’s remarkable how different you look. I actually heard that one of my friends had to cut her lashes because they were so long!”