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Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. It refers to any abnormal sweating, such as sweating when it’s not hot. People who sweat excessively often soak through their clothing or drip sweat. Regular antiperspirants don’t work well for those with this condition.

Botox injections are a new treatment option for people with hyperhidrosis. You may be a candidate for Botox if your sweating fails to improve with prescription antiperspirants. Botox has been FDA-approved for people who sweat excessively from their armpits. It may also be used “off-label” to reduce sweating in other areas, such as the hands, feet, and face.


At Angel Aesthetics, we have noticed many clients reported a decrease in the amount of excess sweat normally experienced around the bikini area and underarms after they have completed their laser hair removal sessions.

All of our hair follicles have a tiny gland that secretes sweat and when it’s mixed with bacteria especially seeing with our athletes the sweat now can become quite smelly.

By removing the hair through sessions of laser treatments we destroy the hair follicle and the gland leading to an increased sense of well-being and self esteem.